In today’s culture, there are a couple of incontrovertible facts. First, living here in Texas, vehicle ownership is a necessity. You’ll need a vehicle to get to work, run errands, or see family. Second, for many of us, a serious car repair bill can wipe us out financially.

At Discount Inspection & Brakes and Master Transmission & Collision, we’ve spent 20 years providing customers in Deer Park, Pasadena, and Friendswood with world-class auto repair services. We believe that nobody should ever be put in a position where they have to choose between paying for a critically important repair and putting food on the table.

We’ve partnered with to offer attractive financing options to make paying for unexpected car repairs easier. It takes less than five minutes to apply, and they work with people who have all levels of credit. You just need a government-issued ID, your checking account and bank routing number to apply. The process is secure and simple.

We work to keep vehicle maintenance costs in check by offering regular specials and coupons on all types of services from transmission rebuilds to free oil changes and other discounted auto repair services. For more information or to schedule a service, contact us today!

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