We understand the appeal of buying a new car. Nothing beats that new car smell or the excitement of knowing that your vehicle is covered by a warranty that will take care of any problems for a few years. After a half decade of driving the same vehicle, the excitement of owning a new car fades and a lot of people will decide to find another new car. While the impulse makes sense, if you decide to hang on to the truck, SUV, or car that you have and invest in a little maintenance and upkeep, you can save a lot of money. Read on to learn about a few of the ways that we can help you keep more money in your pocket while still having a nice, reliable vehicle.

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The Longer You Make a Vehicle Last, The More Affordable It Is

Thanks to the improvements in automotive technology over the last several decades, trucks, cars, and SUVs have never been more affordable to own and operate. For most people, the warranties and service plans offered by automakers are enough to keep the car in good shape for as long as the first owner wants to keep it. While the idea of heading to the dealer to find a brand new car as soon as the warranty has expired or whenever you have it paid off can be tempting, there are many great reasons why you might want to keep your older vehicle. The simplest reason is price — a car that you already own will almost always cost less to fix than replace and the longer you own a car, the less it ends up costing you overall.

Services Are More Affordable Than Replacements

The easiest way to see just how much more affordable repairing a used car is compared to buying a new car is to look at the cost of services and repairs. We understand that it can be tough to have to pay several hundred dollars for a repair but with the cost of an average car payment hovering right around $500 a month, in many cases it is less costly to pay for a repair than to pay for another loan. And the best thing about a repair or a scheduled service — they don’t happen every month.

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